Writhen Bonus Track For Japan To be honest I’m more interested in seeing where they go from here and if they branch off into their own more unique sound. Sweden This album is better then sex for me, just fucking love it to bits Loading Upon spinning the record though, I noticed the similarities did not stop there. On 27 Music Lists. Iran Written by R’Vannith on But this was just their debut album and I think they can grow from here and find a more unique sound.

soen cognitive

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Written by tea[m]ster on When all is said and done, Soen is a wildly talented group that gets in its own way by pretending to be someone else.

Soen – Cognitive Review

Should Lopez just join some other prog death band to make everyone sleep better? Drummer Martin Lopez shows he can play a variety of tribal and traditional styles although I still prefer cognotive jazzy feel he opted for in Opethand as always demonstrates incredible use of his left foot, opening and closing the hi-hat and using double bass accents all over the record to great effect.

soen cognitive

That’s an indication of a good album I think. Canada A significant chunk of this album is undeniably Tool, but there are unique elements to it that you don’t hear in Tool like the soft piano parts and the range of vocal styles. Your email address will not be published.


No one has really tried to reach the same fan base- Chevelle, if I remember correctly, were compared to them unfavorably because they did it in a Tool- lite kind of way and it was just plain bad.

Psycroptic As The Kingdom Drowns. USA For me, as cognitivve Tool fan from the beginning but also a fan of these artists other bands, I look at it as a genre that is defined by a band rather than a specific band being “ripped off”.

I just had to give it a lower score, the unoriginality took it’s tool on me. Advertise on Metal Storm. Much support from the PNW!

But this was just their debut album and I think they can grow seon here and find a more unique sound. Honestly, my Soen experience is still unripe as I have so far listened to only five songs out of ten; so I guess I’ll have to listen to some more before forging my own opinion.

Thanks, and yeah I was in the same boat, it took a while to get my head around why I enjoyed it so much, especially considering my indifference to Tool. Well shit, RV, I missed out on this one.

Cognitive | Soen

Streaming and Download help. Iran Finally got the time to listen to thisloved it. You have to be logged in to post a comment. Written by Boxcar Willy on Sweden This album is better then sex for me, just fucking love it to bits Loading MO March 20th Comments.


You know, I spend most of my MS time prowling the review section looking for something interesting to kill time with. Argentina Excellent review and I agree with every word you wrote. Written by PocketMetal on I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to notice some vocal similarities with Akerfeld. But it bugs me.

soen cognitive

It was great, and we all ate it up. He manages to cover a wide variety of tones, keeping things fresh, and stands out in the mix in the best possible way.

soen cognitive

I will check it out, your review piqued my interest! They’re not gods but they’re talented enough to cause riots. Finally got cogjitive time to listen to thisloved it.

Soen’s ‘Cognitive’ To See Stateside Release This Summer

Portugal I like this album, I’ve been listening to it for a while now. Necrophobic Mark Of The Necrogram. Vognitive really enjoyed listening to their Tool-ish sound, although Cognitive has a special flair stuck to it that separates it from everything that has been done in the alternative territory.