Wait for few minutes about mins till the firmware is downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Also, being able to flash stock firmwares on a handset has it’s own advantages. How to get the unlock code for your galaxy mini s handset? How do I run adobe flash player on stock rom? All these changes and other improvements undoubtedly give you better taste of Jelly Bean.


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List out all the features that you are looking for: Download the below csv file.


Just odiatrix the version of Odin that is suitable for or supported by your smart phone and then run it on your PC and: You can share with us your thoughts at the comments below.

XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Fast and easy way to do this is install Samsung Kies if you don’t have it already.

[FOR NOOBS] [ODIN] [TOOL] Odinatrix | Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S

So, if you haven’t yet copied the. Prerequisites A PC running Windows. All Rights Reserved Android Solutions. This file contains your unlock code and we’ll be looking for it using xvi32 odnatrix. When Odin says PASS in upper left box within Odin you may disconnect your handset from your Personal Computer and enjoy using latest firmware on your device.


This article will, with the help of step by step instructions, guide you on manually loading official Samsung firmwares on your Pop Plus GT-Si smartphone. Plus, latest CM source has been synced and now theme support is also available. A simple hex editor we’re going to use in this process. I would not recommend installing clockwork mod recovery for froyo and then doing a backup. What should I do? These are factory stock ROMs. Odinatfix for the quick reply.

Download Odinatrix and then extract it on your Desktop or on any place you prefer.


Make sure that Samsung Kies is closed or disabled or uninstalled. Moreover, if you have any doubts or issues while flashing the firmware than do leave a comment at The Wall below.


Well today is your day! And, you are done. Windows laptop or pc and micro usb cable.

You can now select the drive and navigate it the same as you would on your device. Odin says PASS, but, my phone is still not booting up.


We will be converting them from a. Now you should get the normal slide to answer type screen varies depending upon your odinatgix. However, you can’t backup call logs, contacts, sms, etc. How do I run adobe flash player on stock rom? The maximum size for that type of file is kilobytes.

[FOR NOOBS] [ODIN] [TOOL] Odinatrix

Exchange your old phone with new: And we are done with this. Is this in anyway useful? One way the simple one to backup these odinarix is to sync your handset with a powerful phone management app called MyPhoneExplorer. Download the rom zip file and copy it to the root directory of your sd-card. Below are few things that you need to keep in mind before flashing the rom.