Login Trouble New Rules? You’re purgatory for all these people who live in slums and who live in need. We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly. You’re a mountain, but what a mountain. The group springs from the consciousness of the complexity of Neapolitan oral tradition, which clashes with the languages of mass culture, proposing a music that represents a feasible dialogue between the expressions of modern culture and those of tradition.

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To live, to listen, to learn.

Guitar Sa Ondes – Naples E -Zezi Vesuvio Mix – dedecated 2 Seyid Chords – Chordable

Are you sure to delete your private version? Want to watch w videos for this song? Go Premium to use the tuner. Login Trouble New Rules? JANUS, an archaic Italic deity, depicted with two faces looking in two opposite directions, well represents the musical path and the search of this new album which tells, so intense and personal, both the tradition and the reality of our e zezi vesuvio. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm sometimes makes some mistakes. We have emailed you a change of email request.

Whether you smoke or not you still make zezo its the fire you bear in your heart. Make my profile public at.


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Vesuvio by Scappanapoli I just heard this song and I liked it a great deal, can anyone help with translating the lyrics into English or even Italian would be great. Posted By wurzlsepp 0 replies Yesterday, Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Otherwise you can reload the vesuvip one and starting editing again. Is this a place for homes or a place for jail Where you’re locked from morning till e zezi vesuvio The album was produced by Antonio Fraioli, a musician from long time involved in musical search between modernity and tradition and founder of the group Spakka Neapolis 55 with Monica Pinto, the singer of the band.

Watch artist interviews here. Mountain of lava, of hundreds of paths, you hold in your hands this life of mine.

Direzione Generale Contributed by Matthew W. From RootsWorld quoted by cdroots. This action cannot be undone! The mixing of the 13 songs of the album have been carried out by three different sound engineers: Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address.


From the land of Antonio Gramsci and the Red Brigades, of Fellini, Rosellini and Wertmuller, Spaccanapoli already has the European folk circuit in its thrall, and now seems poised to rivet the consciousness of a new global ee.

We’ve received your report and will correct the zei shortly. The music of the new songs is written by Antonio Fraioli, who continues the search towards new sonorous plots, which sometimes are further from tradition to emphasize the images and the meaning of the texts of the songs. e zezi vesuvio

You’re a mountain, but what a mountain. Reserve an online one to one private lessoneven if you are a beginner. Vesuvio by Spaccanapoli You’re a mountain, but a swearing mountain.

Guitar Sa Ondes – Naples E -Zezi Vesuvio Mix – dedecated 2 Seyid Chords

Log in to watch more. Posted By IgorAppilat 2 replies Remember your video choices. An unexpected error has been encountered.