I had a valid code that I actually purchased: I know this is old but I fixed mine. Hi, did this work? The following only applies to Mac: Do you have any idea where it may have saved that information and where I could change it?

croptima inplate cs3

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Thanks for the reply! I did get it working on two other computers that had the plugin already installed. We are on mac osx.

Croptima inplate cs3 download

Please can you get this to work in the Windows version? Save the file 5. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? I tried many ways but no luck.

I had a valid code that I actually purchased: I appreciate your appreciation. You can download the new version of the script here: Missing the free download? Hello, unfortunatelly we are working on Windows system — have you tweaked version for win?


If you had InPlate installed on your old computer then you could try copying all the relevant files across to your new one. I notice that your InPlate script folder is in a different location to mine.

Croptima inplate cs3 download

Have anyone made it work in windows? Way too easy to impose files and there is currently nothing like it.

croptima inplate cs3

Feel free to contribute! Thank you very much!!

croptima inplate cs3

Indesign still asks for the Activation code. This is an excellent piece of software and Pixelboy has done us all a great service in maintaining it so far. Every time I try to install is asking for activation but the croptima site is no longer up to activate. Anyone got a working link to inplaye program?

Download Croptima InPlate

Can you recommend anything else? I got it running, but gives a Adobe AIR error: It totally depends on future versions of InDesign.

I just followed the instructions from above. Much Love Gary Reply. However you could try the following — If you had InPlate installed on your croprima computer then you could try copying all the relevant files across to your new one.


Croptima InPlate 2.16 Download

Could the new username on my computer be the problem? Any plans to maintain it over the following versions?

croptima inplate cs3

Your email croptma will not be published. Hi Bravo, It works but you still need to have the Croptima InPlate software installed with your activation code.

I just copied the InPlate folder from CC scripts folder to CC scripts folder, added the line you mentioned and got it working! I hope this to!!!!!! Glad it was helpful.

I use it in our digital dept.