Free Guided Meditation by Sadhguru at http: So that means, the whole existence is a kind of sound, or a complex amalgamation of sounds — the whole existence is an amalgamation of multiple mantras. Mantra means a sound. It is just touching a certain aspect of creation through a certain arrangement of sounds. They can be an effective force in creating something but only if they come from that kind of a source where there is a complete understanding of all that is sound. As a science it is a very powerful dimension, but the way it is being imparted without any necessary basis or without creating the necessary situations, it can cause lots of damage.

brahmananda swarupa

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Watch Latest Videos of Sadhguru. Even its enough to run in background. There are different types of mantras. Just one mantra can do such tremendous things to people. Only when it is done with proper awareness, with exact understanding of what it is, a mantra could be a very powerful means.

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Today, modern science sees the whole existence as a vibration. Originally shared by Simhaaz Vagraha. Every mantra activates a particular kind of energy in a different part of the body. Such training is too exhaustive and people do not have that kind of patience or dedication nowadays because it needs an enormous amount of time and involvement. Where there is a vibration, there is bound to be a sound. Of these, a few mantras or a few sounds have been identified, which could be like keys.


Without that necessary awareness, just repeating the sound only brings dullness to the mind. If I just make a clever arrangement of sounds which is actually a beautiful chant but in meaning it means that you are fool and God is a fool and everybody is a fool.

A daily quote from Sadhguru to start the day. Mantras always come from a Sanskrit basis, and the basic aspects of Sanskrit language are so sound sensitive. Any repetition of the sound always makes your mind dull. Sadhguru explains the meaning of the Brahmananda Swarupa chant, and explains how it is a consecrated sound.

Brahmananda Swarupa – Sounds Of Isha | Shazam

Me too, it’s so soothing for the soul: Free Guided Meditation by Sadhguru at http: We give it in such a way that the meaning also enhances because after all you have a mind and emotion, which is also a major part of you. When the alarm sounds, open the application, and allow it to run. See, what is a chant?

They can be an effective force in creating something but only if they come from that kind of a source where there is a complete understanding of all that is sound. Jagadisha is the ruler brhamananda the existence.


brahmananda swarupa

Sumeru Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Like this, different people who speak different languages, according to what language they have been used to, tend to distort the mantra, unless real training is imparted. Isha means that which rules.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Videos.

The Meaning of Brahmananda Swarupa

Official Facebook Page of Sadhguru https: If you use them in a certain way, they become a key to open up a different dimension of life and experience within you. Meditators Laugh Suppose it means like this, even though the chant works on the energy level, mentally, emotionally you will develop resistance towards this.

Brahmananda Swarupa is part of Vairagya, an album of five mantras by Sounds of Isha. So always a chant has a meaning too.

brahmananda swarupa

You must do it everyday. If the Bengalis say a mantra, they will say it in their own way. If you were all energy, if you were just energy, your mind and emotion was completely kept aside, there would be no issue at all, I would just take you on an express highway.